Wear Comfortable Clothes

This lockdown time is helping prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Together we can make better use of this time by re-planning, re-structuring, and re-policing our strategies to enhance our business all over the world. We will wait for our Indian Government to open the restrictions on export and accordingly plan our shipments. Till then we request our customers and valued boutiques to wait patiently and have faith that we shall together beat the virus out of our planet.

Clothinghttps://www.limethread.com/product/white-digital-floral-kurti/ is an important part of our lives and we would certainly want to dress up comfortably. Loose clothes, preferably cotton or organic clothing, would help us breathe easy and stay stress-free. Wear a mask,https://www.facebook.com/bestylefresh/videos/1068597296850752/ preferably a home-made one that you can wash as often as you can. You may clean the maskhttps://www.facebook.com/bestylefresh/videos/1068597296850752/ in boiling water or wash in a disinfectant like dettol or savlon.

We are just required to stay at home, wash our hands frequently and follow social distancing till the lockdown period.

So let’s do it.

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