The World is changing!

Are you ready to imbibe the magnanimous change that is headed your way? Rather we all have been perturbed by the lockdown of not one country but the entire world together. No flights, no social gatherings, no concerts, no religious congregations, no birthday parties, no weddings, no meetings , no events and just #Workfromhome.

We need to prioritize our needs and requirements that best help us to overcome this testing phase of all our lives. We are all connected. We all have been warned by our mother nature umpteen times about the wrong paths chosen by human beings. Yet everything was ignored. Well, does our mother earth gets affected. Yes it does. Will it survive. Ofcourse earth has survived various times of human evolution. This is yet another. Question is whether this human race will survive? Depends whether we still wish to take our freedom for granted or think about solutions to make this heavenly planet of ours into a better paradise.

Human desires for more has brought us at this juncture. When nothing seems to satisfy consumers. We have free air, water and natural resources. Yet we want substitutes. Why? Let’s make these resources serve humans and every other living being on this planet in a better way. Yet we want to do more medical research into generating bio-weapons to become super power. See, our own weapons are being used for our own demolition. One country faulters and the entire human civilization suffers. Have we really lost it? Or is there some sanity left to follow the ‘BASIC NEEDS’ principle and use, buy, spend, make, construct, design, perform only those tasks that are NEED BASED and not desire-based. Desires are limitless yet natural resources are not. Wake up before it’s too late. This lockdown is this reminder into our habits, wants, and compulsiveness.

Let’s shop for clothes only when we really need it and not just compulsive shopping instinct. Please stop this hoarding of clothes. Buy only if you need it. You are most welcome to do Requirement-Based Shopping at

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