Our grandmothers and mothers had been stating firmly to us that we must wear soft cotton clothes to let our skin breathe.Sstart shopping for your wardrobe today! We got inspired by the demand for soft clothing to include organic clothing in our collections. India is a rich country when it comes to cotton crops. Let’s help our farmers by buying cotton clothes whenever we go shopping.

COTTON comes in various varied forms of mulmul, rayon and cotton fibers for clothes and bags. The uses of cotton for clothing bring it close to a fabric that lets air circulate in all the seasons keeping the body temperature conducive to the weather. For instance, this fabric keeps the body cool during summers and keeps the body warm during winters. Though Silk runs as a contender during winters, yet nothing like soft hosiery cotton night suits and soft rayon Kurtis during day time. Right girls? Well, we do like to wear silks and georgettes for formal wear but when it comes to informal clothing, cotton beats all. Our country, India, boasts of the finest cotton yarns produced by the finest artisans living in the remote villages of our vast country. Come join hands with people who produce organic clothing, who market these and all those who feel pride wearing it. Sanitize your hands and clothes to beat coronavirus.

#Stayhome #Savelives

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